September 20, 2022
9:45 AM
10:30 AM

Town Hall III: The New Transportation Tech Standard – Moving Beyond Shipment Execution

For years – maybe even decades – TMS use cases have been relegated to being purely operational in nature – necessary for managing the movement of freight from Point A to Point B. But with the adoption of technology becoming more widespread across all areas of supply chain, technology providers and executive leaders are exploring new ways to realize value from their tech stacks that go far beyond simply arranging for the movement of freight. MercuryGate co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer Steve Blough and Chief Technology Officer Beth Hendriks will share how the company’s broader vision for transportation technology has led to alignment with strategic partners across visibility, global trade compliance, and procurement to empower customers with real-time access to true market rating and shipment-level data and proactively manage shipments from within a single platform to avoid exceptions and continuously improve service.